Things First Time Traveler’s Needs to Know in India

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First-time air travelers have millions of questions in their mind with even more butterflies in their stomach. Traditionally one would ask the experience of traveling in a plane from someone in the family and friends who is a regular air traveler. Here are things the experienced air travel would tell you.
Your pre-boarding session begins…
Advance booking of air tickets
You should prefer an advance booking of the flight to avoid high priced tickets at the last minute. You get to choose a window seat on making an online booking well before.
Subscribe for updates
Always provide your mobile number for updates from the airlines. To be well prepared if the flight is delayed or canceled.
Download your e-ticket
Keep an offline copy of your air ticket to avoid searching your bag after reaching the security check at the entrance of the airport.
Reach airport before time
Traffic and weather are the two major factors for a missed flight. So it’s better to have some buffer time and reach the airport an hour before the departure.
Keep your identity proof intact
The domestic travel requires your identity proof to enter the airport whereas the international travel requires your passport. Make sure you have it in your handbag.
Carry luggage as per guidelines
Every airline has some fixed amount of baggage weight to be carried by the passenger. Weigh your bags beforehand to avoid paying extra for additional kilos.

Avoid taking prohibited items
Read the instructions on the ticket carefully and make sure not to carry any prohibited items in the bags.
Get your luggage checked in
Firstly find your airlines counter and get your baggage checked-in and don’t forget to collect the bag tags.
Collect your boarding pass
Once your bags are checked-in, you will get a boarding pass. Keep it in your hand because it will be checked before boarding.
Keep track of departure announcements
Keep track of the announcements in the airport as the announcement can be related to your flight.
Listen to the instructions by the crew
Take your seat and listen to the instructions while the plane takes a turn to take off and fasten your seat belt.

Caution: In case of flight cancellation or overbooked flights you must know air passenger rights and to educate yourself about the same visit, the first ever flight cancellation service provider in India.

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